Fees for 2022

Full Membership: £90.

Senior Membership: £60. Eligibility. You may apply for a senior membership if you have, or will this season, reach the ripe age of 66 (State Retirement Age). If you are making a new application to join you will not be eligible for senior membership, you will need to complete 2 years as a full member first.

Junior Membership: FREE.

Joint Membership: £135.

New applications for membership are subject to review and approval by the committee. New members will need to organise the collection of their key from the club secretary, Bill Robertson. Tel: 01847892998, email:

All continuing memberships are at the discretion of the committee.


Visitors may hire DFFA boats on Lochs Watten, Calder, Scarmclate (Stemster) and Olginey.(Residents of Caithness and it’s environs are not eligible for visitor bookings)

Day Permits

Day sessions (up to 6pm) can be booked for a fee of £20 per boat, with an additional charge of £10 per boat for continuing the session into the evening on the same boat. A maximum of three persons per boat is allowed.

Boats cannot be booked in advance but only from 10 am on the required day of fishing. Sunday fishing on Calder or Stemster may be booked after 3 pm on the prior Saturday afternoon.

Evening Permits

Evening sessions (from 6pm) can be booked for a fee of £20 per boat
Booking must be made after 3pm.

Weekly Permits

Weekly permits are available for a fee of £80 per week. Booking requirements are as for day and evening permits. Payments and booking may be made directly through Harper’s Fly Fishing Services, 57 High Street, Thurso. 01847 893179, (Opening times are 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday).

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