In the interest of personal safety, life support flotation devices must be worn when fishing aboard a DFFA boat or one borrowed for competition.

  • All members and guests (hereinafter referred to as members) are bound to fish in a fair and sportsmanlike manner, and shall use every endeavour to suppress the illegal capture of fish. Any cases of poaching or illegal fishing shall immediately be reported to a member of the committee. Orthodox fly-fishing equipment only will be allowed on associate boats. No trolling.
  • Members shall immediately return to the water all salmon fry and other fry, all unclean or unseasonable fish, and all undersized fish (see boat let columns for minimum size).
  • Members must not damage gates, fences or crops, or interfere with game. Dogs are only allowed to accompany members to lochs specified in this newsletter.
  • Each member must have his membership card in his/her possession while fishing club lochs or the rotating beat and shall exhibit it when requested to do so by any Water Bailiff, Estate Keeper, Riparian Land Owner or member of the committee. Membership cards are not transferable.
  • Members and guests are bound to comply with any rules imposed by individual riparian owners as a condition of the lease. The committee will make these rules known to the members, by newsletter or by notes in the Boat Booking Book.
  • In the interest of DFFA, boats should be treated with due care and any defect should be reported.
  • DFFA will maintain a Child Protection Policy as required by Highland Council.

Country Code

Members are requested that all times the must observe the “Country Code” and in particular they must not leave nylon, hooks, cans, bottles or polythene bags in areas where it can lead to injury or death of farm animals or wildlife.

All litter must be taken home.

Use of DFFA boat

  • Do not use oars to push boats away from banks. Blades are easily damaged and replacement oars are very expensive.
  • When using an outboard engine always lift the oars onto the boat.
  • If weather conditions deteriorate whilst on the loch, turn the boat into the direction, which is easiest to maintain and berth the boat securely at a safe and convenient spot. This may mean a long walk but you and the boat will be safe. At the earliest opportunity you must return the boat to its proper berth or inform Harpers.
  • When berthing the boat make sure that it is not resting on large stones. With the interest of the association in mind, members are requested to clear the berth of any large stones they may find.
  • Ensure that all boats are pulled well clear of the water and secured with padlock and chain (NB- this is a requirement for insurance purposes). Chain should be passed round a seat as well as through bow ring and rowlocks. Some boats have stern ropes, which should always be secured. Keep padlocks away from sand and gravel. Do not push tips of oars under seats as they can then be immersed in water for long periods.
  • Remove all litter from boats and berths.
  • Never stand up in a boat, especially if you are alone.
  • It is dangerous to wade in Loch Stemster. This loch is an old marl quarry and is full of deep mud filled holes close to the bank.

In no way does any omission in these notes constitute grounds for a claim against the association and all members. Attention is drawn to the fact that any member using an Association boat is entirely responsible for their own and the boat’s safety.

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