Loch Olginey

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1st April - 30th September

Loch Olginey is a loch surrounded by beautiful scenery and guarantees a peaceful day's fishing. It's positioned close to Loch Calder so is easily accesible. The loch has plenty of fish averaging 3/4 lb but has been known to produce much heavier specimens!

It's worth noting that it suffers from some weed growth during the summer months.

Additional information

  • 10" minimum.
  • No visitor bookings.
  • The boat is berthed at the south east corner and can be approached through the farmyard.
  • Beware of submerged rocks.
  • No dogs, fires or picnics.
  • No Sunday fishing

Map and locations

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History of the loch

By Gordon Douglas

A narrow but deep burn running into the south end of Loch Calder originates from Loch Olginey which no doubt benefits from the connection. DFFA secured a berth on the loch in the mid sixties but the boat allocated was a heavy monster not suited to the shallow water, especially during the summer months. However, a shallow draft cobble, previously berthed at Stemster, was launched on the loch and provided an improved facility. The cobble had been extensively repaired at Dounreay and was an excellent drifting boat but even its shallow draft and flat bottom proved a bit of a chore when launching or beaching and the loch fell out of favour for a period. The advent of fibreglass boats put a new aspect on the situation and this, coupled to the agreement of the farmer to the fitting of a stem at the burn outlet, has greatly improved the fishery. The stem, tended to by DFFA., consists of a simple plywood barrier placed across the outlet burn which maintains a satisfactory level during the season and is easily removed, if need be, by the farmer.

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